Work Experience

Nextiili-paja is a non-profit organization maintained by Pirkanmaan kierrätys ja työtoiminta ry. Apart from recycling textiles, iNextiili-paja is actively playing a big role in social services by providing rehabilitative guidance and training possibilities to its customers. Nextiili values its customers needs and offers person orianted guidance.

Rehabilitative Guidance


Nextiili-paja offers rehabilitative guidance. The goal of rehabilitative guidance is to support a person get back to everyday life and routines and prevent exclusion. We also help to discover tools towards the education and labor market. Rehabilitative guidance is for those who have been unemployed for long period.

There are many different areas  in Nextiili-paja in sorting and further processing of donated second-hand textiles. Individual path is planned for every customer seeking for rehabilitative guidance considering personal traits and situations. 

You can apply for a rehabilitative guidance through the Tampere Employment Services.

Work Training

You can also apply for a work training. Work experience is meant for the unemployed jobseeker to get introduced with career options, to support for returning to work and supporting employment in general. Decisions on the job seeker's participation in Nextiili-paja are made in co-operation with Tampere Employment Services.

Nextiili offers a variety of work tasks in reusing/recycling, sewing and customer service in shop.

If you are interested in working in Nextiili-paja, please contact Sari Tuomaala at  050 439 2329.

Rasmita Ranabhat,

         23 yrs

International Trainee

 Textile waste is a major issue in today's fast fashion world and we end up generating more and more textile waste not knowing its future. Nextiili is taking an initiative in saving our world by recycling our textile waste.

It was a great experience being a part of this initiative. Throughout my internship I found out that about 500 tons of textile has been saved from being ended up in landfills because Nextiili recycled it !!

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